Friday, June 18, 2010



I watched the game at Estefa’s home. She had class at the university till so late.. and i didn’t have, so i went to my home for collect some clothes and then.. about at 6:30 pm we got together to buy some snacks.

Also we cook things like pizza and Lemon's pie (it was delicious!! obvious.. i make it). Estefa had a projector, so we could see the game as a cinema. We were four official fans of the red: Estefa, Adrián (her brother), Fran and me .. all shouting for the bad performance of the referee.

It was really very exciting, everybody was expectant of what was happening, I enjoyed it very much.

The best player (in my opinion) was Alexis Sanchez, I dont know much about football, but i see that he has an incredible technique to dominate the ball. On the other hand, i believe that the worst player of the match was Mark Gonzalez, because he had many chances to score a goal and he lost them. (I'm aware that he entered the field in the last minutes of the second time, but still think he could have played better).
Overall Chile reached the opposite bow repeatedly, but that wasn't reflected on the scoreboard, as mostly of the team was very anxious.

I don't think that Chile can win the world cup, but we can pass the second round. I believe it's possible to beat Switzerland and Spain ( Whether they are on the court playing Sanchez and Suazo) but when we move to second round we encounter with Brazil (it hard to beat a rival as this).


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