Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Well, the best place I visited on the imaginary field trip funded by Simon was “Kew Gardens”. This is located in south-west of London and has 300 acres of amazing landscapes of temperate woodlands. I could see many kinds of plants, trees and others vegetables species. It was very good experience for me because I love spend my time in places as these, full of green.

On the other hand, was fun since I enjoyed of garden festivals, events and activities because Kew is celebrating the International Year of Biodiversity (2010 has been declared by United Nations)

I hope to go again.. but not just my imagination, if not with my body too =P!!


Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Play the game..

When I was a child, remember that I went out to play with my friends every afternoon. In front of my house there is a scenery that has U-shaped made up for the houses of my friends. My grandmother lives there too, so we had all that space to play in a safe way.

The games on my childhood weren’t as games currently. I belong to a generation a bit more classic or rather, I lived in a transition time (regarding to technology) I say it because not everyone had playstation nor computer, so the games should be played outside. These could be the typical games or also invented games in the moment, that to be accepted they should meet two requirements: be pretty fun and tiring at the same time.

Well, my neighborhood’s friends and I didn’t repeat the same games at one afternoon, since we had a lot of entertaining games such as: “quemaditas”, “pillarse”, “las naciones”, “tombo” among others. We always rotated them.

At that time, my favourite game was “escondida”. This game is about that someone should count to 10 with eyes closed for that the rest of the players are hide and then goes to find them. If someone can reach the base without getting caught, she/he wins.

We played at least four times a week. I loved play “escondida” because I was very good climbing trees (this was my best hiding place) and I was very fast too, which made me gain followed.

I don’t remember who taught me this game but nowadays, I just know that I couldn’t win as easily as before.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Unknown or Ignored Talent??

Thinking that many of my classmates are going to talk about Violeta Parra, Victor Jara and others.. I will take advantage this opportunity to talk about someone that few know.

The name Oscar Castro often sounds so common and many times goes unnoticed. Well, to who doesn’t know him, he was a great writer and poet. His style is defined as realist, soaked of melancholic. He had an impeccable metric and a great mastery on the composition of romances.. (I love his romances). He born on March 25, 1910 in Rancagua. He was autodidactic, because he had left the school for health problems.

I knew him through of my mother (she’s a Language Teacher, so obviously she always told me about writers and poets) In fact, when I was on my first year at high school I represented: “romance del hombre nocturno”, I recited and acted at once.

I consider that he is important for Chili, because he doesn’t just contributed to poetry Chilean, if not also in his writings he included part of Chilean history. For this reason, I want more people knows him, and I think this is an opportunity to appreciate the work of a compatriot, we need out of the cliché.

If I could talk to him I wouldn't ask anything, I would say him: teach me to see reality as your and write as your, because even though your work isn't recognized, I appreciate it.

Well, I leave you two romances more his, both are sung by “Los Cuatro de Chile”

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Choose some job..

For one moment, I believed that I never had thought it.. but isn’t like that. There are two jobs that I really would like to ever do and both include having to travel (according to me).

I would be painter, because is pleasure make paints for me. I remember that when I was a child I won a scholarship to learn draw techniques in Bellas Artes museum. But, I didn’t like the teacher who taught me, she always told me how I should see things and I didn’t like that, and this is the reason for I left to go and I walked away from painting.. I would like back, I miss the smell to turpentine (although it's so toxic)@.@!!

Also I would like musician. About three weeks ago, I was thinking in a musician’s life, and I was surprised of the good it could be, because is only practicing and enjoyed.

I think that if I were musician besides painter, I could take my guitar along with my brushes and oil paintings and leave Santiago. I could be in anywhere (a place with beach, certainly) I believe that is obvious that it will be entertaining, because I would earn money doing things that nowadays i do on my free time, so it would be almost a dream.. Don’t you think so?

I don’t know anybody that has these two jobs at the same time, but I know a professional musicians and as I said before, they spend half of their time practicing and the other half enjoying.

The best of these jobs is that they need and must to live varied experiences for inspiration.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

//: Cat Stevens

To be frank, is very difficult to me choose someone to meet, because I believe that I would like to meet a lot of people, but Simon wants that we talk about just one person, so I’m going to talk about Cat Stevens or Yusuf Islam (now he calls like that).

Well, I know to Cat Stevens through my mother, when I was a child, because she had a CD of him, she often listened its, and to the passage of time I began to like me too.. I consider him someone very interesting for his biography and also because is a good musician.

His real name is Steven Demetre Georgiou, he born in London on 1948, his mother was Swedish and his father was Greek-Chiprian (so you should imagine the eccentric combination between language and culture.. is a real idiosyncratic shock!!) He was musically influenced by folk songs that his Greek father listened it. After a near death experience, around 1978, decided to convert to Islam and it then adopted the name Yusuf Islam.

I really enjoy his music, because he knows the combining styles in a subtle and harmonious way, I see that his songs arise, they are not forced, to the contrary they're very heart.

I would like to know a lot of things about him, I would ask to him: What his inspiration has been? or Who was his muse? Why you stopped doing music for a while? Nowadays, How do you see life? Why you never married? Were you waiting for someone like me? 1313!!! wajajajjajaa..

I ♥ HIM!!! :$

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Perfect Day???

In this computer, I couldn't listen to the song of Simon, in my home i will try it..

Well, according to the theme.. my perfect day should be without classes!!! (obviously) and it shouldn’t happen in only one place, because it would be so boring, I would like to spend my beautiful twenty-four hours of a fun way. For obtain it, I need much money and that everybody be available (without their jobs, nor any concern)

I would like begin my day on a waterfall (in Cascada) for I take a bath under it and swim in its lagoon, with all my friends of school. Then, I would like take a plane, where we can have a Mediterranean breakfast and that it leave us at natural monument Morado for make trekking to San Francisco glacier, because here is where my friends of the university will be waiting us.

And finally we again take a plane with destination to the beach (any north-beach) and everyone will have lunch on the plane. When we arrive, a party will be waiting for us. The invited bands will be: Chorizo Salvaje, Banda Conmoción, Chico Trujillo, Villa Cariño, Patricio Cobarde among others.. (they will be responsible for the pachanga)

But, all it’s so unreal.. this is more like to “What would you do with sum X of money in one day?” that.. "A perfect day" and really I believe that in this aspect, I'm not very exigent, I’ll just beg be with my parents and friends, but without any fights between they, without Transantiago nor metro, without obligations.. cause' i'm tired of everything :(!! [this would be a perfect day for me right now]

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Orange Blue!

When I read or hear the word “shopping”, I inevitably think in malls, it’s almost an unconscious association. I don’t like the malls and neither I’m a good shopper.

In fact, most of the times I’ve bought things, is because I like to walk around town exploring its nooks.. is there where I find interesting things, but many times I have no money to buy them, and when I have money do not find what I want jajajaja!

But anyway, I’ve a favourite shop, it calls “Orange Blue” and sells second-hand clothes, although I wander for all over Bandera street, as since it is full of such shops. I like go to it because the kinds of clothes are very different and exclusive.

The first time that I went to Orange Blue was with my sister about 6 years ago. She recommended it to me and since that day I loved it. However, I don’t go very often, rather, I go from time to time. I remember that the last thing that I bought was a vest really beautiful, all my taste, (it’s orange, is made of wool.. certainly, you have seen him before, in fact I'm wearing it in the photo with "Wapita") I have many things of that shop..

I believe that I love it, because the clothes are unique as well as size so, you will not find to nobody wearing your same shirt, pants or whatever and also you can create your own style.

What do you think about this kind of clothes? (besides that you must wash it at least three times) =P!