Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Unknown or Ignored Talent??

Thinking that many of my classmates are going to talk about Violeta Parra, Victor Jara and others.. I will take advantage this opportunity to talk about someone that few know.

The name Oscar Castro often sounds so common and many times goes unnoticed. Well, to who doesn’t know him, he was a great writer and poet. His style is defined as realist, soaked of melancholic. He had an impeccable metric and a great mastery on the composition of romances.. (I love his romances). He born on March 25, 1910 in Rancagua. He was autodidactic, because he had left the school for health problems.

I knew him through of my mother (she’s a Language Teacher, so obviously she always told me about writers and poets) In fact, when I was on my first year at high school I represented: “romance del hombre nocturno”, I recited and acted at once.

I consider that he is important for Chili, because he doesn’t just contributed to poetry Chilean, if not also in his writings he included part of Chilean history. For this reason, I want more people knows him, and I think this is an opportunity to appreciate the work of a compatriot, we need out of the cliché.

If I could talk to him I wouldn't ask anything, I would say him: teach me to see reality as your and write as your, because even though your work isn't recognized, I appreciate it.

Well, I leave you two romances more his, both are sung by “Los Cuatro de Chile”

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