Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Choose some job..

For one moment, I believed that I never had thought it.. but isn’t like that. There are two jobs that I really would like to ever do and both include having to travel (according to me).

I would be painter, because is pleasure make paints for me. I remember that when I was a child I won a scholarship to learn draw techniques in Bellas Artes museum. But, I didn’t like the teacher who taught me, she always told me how I should see things and I didn’t like that, and this is the reason for I left to go and I walked away from painting.. I would like back, I miss the smell to turpentine (although it's so toxic)@.@!!

Also I would like musician. About three weeks ago, I was thinking in a musician’s life, and I was surprised of the good it could be, because is only practicing and enjoyed.

I think that if I were musician besides painter, I could take my guitar along with my brushes and oil paintings and leave Santiago. I could be in anywhere (a place with beach, certainly) I believe that is obvious that it will be entertaining, because I would earn money doing things that nowadays i do on my free time, so it would be almost a dream.. Don’t you think so?

I don’t know anybody that has these two jobs at the same time, but I know a professional musicians and as I said before, they spend half of their time practicing and the other half enjoying.

The best of these jobs is that they need and must to live varied experiences for inspiration.


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  2. my post dissapeared! :@

    okay, i'll write it again..
    well i was saying that i would love to be a musician, but sadly looks like i didn't born to be a rock star hehe.. i think we can always dream about some strange roads in our lives and who knows maybe one day you'll be a painter and a musician, is just up to you :)