Tuesday, October 19, 2010

//: Cat Stevens

To be frank, is very difficult to me choose someone to meet, because I believe that I would like to meet a lot of people, but Simon wants that we talk about just one person, so I’m going to talk about Cat Stevens or Yusuf Islam (now he calls like that).

Well, I know to Cat Stevens through my mother, when I was a child, because she had a CD of him, she often listened its, and to the passage of time I began to like me too.. I consider him someone very interesting for his biography and also because is a good musician.

His real name is Steven Demetre Georgiou, he born in London on 1948, his mother was Swedish and his father was Greek-Chiprian (so you should imagine the eccentric combination between language and culture.. is a real idiosyncratic shock!!) He was musically influenced by folk songs that his Greek father listened it. After a near death experience, around 1978, decided to convert to Islam and it then adopted the name Yusuf Islam.

I really enjoy his music, because he knows the combining styles in a subtle and harmonious way, I see that his songs arise, they are not forced, to the contrary they're very heart.

I would like to know a lot of things about him, I would ask to him: What his inspiration has been? or Who was his muse? Why you stopped doing music for a while? Nowadays, How do you see life? Why you never married? Were you waiting for someone like me? 1313!!! wajajajjajaa..

I ♥ HIM!!! :$

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  1. My mum loves this guy... I remember her with his music :)