Friday, June 18, 2010



I watched the game at Estefa’s home. She had class at the university till so late.. and i didn’t have, so i went to my home for collect some clothes and then.. about at 6:30 pm we got together to buy some snacks.

Also we cook things like pizza and Lemon's pie (it was delicious!! obvious.. i make it). Estefa had a projector, so we could see the game as a cinema. We were four official fans of the red: Estefa, Adrián (her brother), Fran and me .. all shouting for the bad performance of the referee.

It was really very exciting, everybody was expectant of what was happening, I enjoyed it very much.

The best player (in my opinion) was Alexis Sanchez, I dont know much about football, but i see that he has an incredible technique to dominate the ball. On the other hand, i believe that the worst player of the match was Mark Gonzalez, because he had many chances to score a goal and he lost them. (I'm aware that he entered the field in the last minutes of the second time, but still think he could have played better).
Overall Chile reached the opposite bow repeatedly, but that wasn't reflected on the scoreboard, as mostly of the team was very anxious.

I don't think that Chile can win the world cup, but we can pass the second round. I believe it's possible to beat Switzerland and Spain ( Whether they are on the court playing Sanchez and Suazo) but when we move to second round we encounter with Brazil (it hard to beat a rival as this).


Sunday, June 13, 2010

Free theme!

Every time that someone told me: "talk about a free theme" I choose the music, and clearly this isn't exception:


The last Wednesday I went to see a band that I love! It called Villa Cariño, they play melodramatic revolutionary cumbia (so they are defined).
I leave you a song! xD

On the other hand, I’ve heard a very good group, they are Brazilian, called Céu. Their music is a mixture of bossanova, hip hop and other influences.

Finally I admit it! I'm in love with Cat Stevens, a great musician and composer. I think that my ideal man is he, but with regard to age, there is a small problem.. he has a few decades more than me.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Well, the truth is that throughout the career I have liked many subjects, mostly physical as Climatology, Sea Geography, Geomorphology among others.. but the subject that more has attracted my attention was: Geology. I've been in three courses of this, and my teachers have been:

* Dharmo Rojas (Geology)
* José Araya Vergara (Quaternary Geology)
* Ricardo Thiele (General Geology)

I am currently studying: Field Geology I, given by physical and mathematics sciences faculty at our university. The Geology is very interesting for me, because this science provides answers to the behavior of our planet, explaining how it generated the landscape's macroforms.

This semester I learned a lot, because I put theories into practice.. a few weeks ago we went to field trip the entire course to the third region, specifically the Transito's valley. It was there where I learned many things, such as: types of folds and faults, recognition of rocks and fossils among other things.

[it was my area of study: "el cerro torta" ..we climbed it for all sides! ..uufff!]

With this experience, I know more about the work of the geologist, and I loved it! is almost a way of life (as I mentioned before) and that motivates me!

[this is a "synclinal fold"]

I think geology is fundamental to the specialty that I want to continue, which is natural disasters, because now I know "how", "where" and maybe even "when" it can generate one of these unfortunate events. Having this knowledge, I can speak the same language of geologists and thus be able to generate better regional planning..

[They're my classmates! :)]


Monday, June 7, 2010

Saint Piter!! and around..

I think in these last four years my holidays have been very good, I really don't complain, since that I have met many beautiful places and nice people too. Therefore it's difficult to me choose just one, but well.. I selected from my memory the unforgettable and magical summer of the big north.

It was about two years ago when my sister, her boyfriend, a friend and I went to the San Pedro de Atacama, located in Antofagasta's second region.

That summer I had not worked on anything, so my budget was $25.000. Then I started making rings with my sister and the amount rose to 40,000. As it was not much, I decided to borrow from the Dadbank (never fails)jajaja!! =P

It was then that, with only $100,000 i survived two weeks and i took tours in San Pedro to the geysers, lagoons altiplanicas, the Salar de Atacama (the third largest in the world, I think) the valley of the moon and elsewhere more near.

I enjoyed it too much, was a truly rewarding experience.. In summary I witnessed the amazing landscapes our country has and I realized that we're privileged.

If you do not know these places, I recommend them!


Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Yavi de yav!

She is my best friend, her name is Javiera and she was my neighbor until about a week ago ..

I met to Javiera when i was only a couple of months. Happens that when her mother had to do paperwork, she talked to my mom to take care of her baby (Javi).. sometimes my mom also did it. So began our excursions.. from the "corral" (where grace it was to do contortions to get out of there, for crawl around the house ..). Then we grew and went to the same kindergarden, but on the choice of school, we parted. However, as we were neighbors, every day after school we played with dolls. In addition we were going on vacation to the beach together, so we really live together all year!

I have many stories with Javi, because we always went everywhere together. She is a very good person, she is worried about me and is so funny!!! She is always there to listen to me or for give me advice .. I think that i'm beginning to miss her in this moment, which is obvious.. because since I have memory she has been with me and now i will not see her so often. We're friends about 21 years ago!!!!

I love her a lot!! :D


When I was at school I liked a lot of careers and I just knew that I didn't want to study: laws!!! i believe that be a lawyer should be very exciting, but when i think about studying a subject as: Roman law? noooo!! ..that clearly isn't for me and my short term memory..

It was then that one good day, I knew the geography career (I remember being in third year at high school). I heard about this through my sister, who was studying at that moment a subject about general geography (now, she's history and geography teacher). She told me: The geography is made for you!! because it has humanistic and scientific knowledge. Then I decided to see the curriculum mesh of the career.. it was love at first sight, I just fell in love with the mesh, because I always postponed the choice between scientist and humanist (both are essential for me)

The truth is that I'm always changing my decisions because, i'm very scattered in my thinking. Now I wonder: what would have been of me if I had studied music (for example)? I always liked the arts of all kinds. On the other hand, lately I've been very near to the physical geography and to be honest, I believe that geology as job as lifestyle it catches my attention. However, if I had studying only a part of everything right now.. I wouldn't have the overall approach that i have and guess that I know a little of everything by geography ..and that's what I always wanted!

The specialization that I want to follow is Natural Hazards, since I must ensure the integrity of people from a physical point of view which is what I like most about geography.