Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Yavi de yav!

She is my best friend, her name is Javiera and she was my neighbor until about a week ago ..

I met to Javiera when i was only a couple of months. Happens that when her mother had to do paperwork, she talked to my mom to take care of her baby (Javi).. sometimes my mom also did it. So began our excursions.. from the "corral" (where grace it was to do contortions to get out of there, for crawl around the house ..). Then we grew and went to the same kindergarden, but on the choice of school, we parted. However, as we were neighbors, every day after school we played with dolls. In addition we were going on vacation to the beach together, so we really live together all year!

I have many stories with Javi, because we always went everywhere together. She is a very good person, she is worried about me and is so funny!!! She is always there to listen to me or for give me advice .. I think that i'm beginning to miss her in this moment, which is obvious.. because since I have memory she has been with me and now i will not see her so often. We're friends about 21 years ago!!!!

I love her a lot!! :D


  1. that beautiful!

    full love! Javiera and you had look very nice together :)

    regards Vickyyy!


  2. I know her.It is not like you. She is very nice and you don't. jajajja. jokes friend.

    please give him the Javiera

    Kisses Temporera!!!.