Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Well, the truth is that throughout the career I have liked many subjects, mostly physical as Climatology, Sea Geography, Geomorphology among others.. but the subject that more has attracted my attention was: Geology. I've been in three courses of this, and my teachers have been:

* Dharmo Rojas (Geology)
* José Araya Vergara (Quaternary Geology)
* Ricardo Thiele (General Geology)

I am currently studying: Field Geology I, given by physical and mathematics sciences faculty at our university. The Geology is very interesting for me, because this science provides answers to the behavior of our planet, explaining how it generated the landscape's macroforms.

This semester I learned a lot, because I put theories into practice.. a few weeks ago we went to field trip the entire course to the third region, specifically the Transito's valley. It was there where I learned many things, such as: types of folds and faults, recognition of rocks and fossils among other things.

[it was my area of study: "el cerro torta" ..we climbed it for all sides! ..uufff!]

With this experience, I know more about the work of the geologist, and I loved it! is almost a way of life (as I mentioned before) and that motivates me!

[this is a "synclinal fold"]

I think geology is fundamental to the specialty that I want to continue, which is natural disasters, because now I know "how", "where" and maybe even "when" it can generate one of these unfortunate events. Having this knowledge, I can speak the same language of geologists and thus be able to generate better regional planning..

[They're my classmates! :)]



  1. It amazes me how the gelogists, while looking only to "stones and hills" can reconstruct and deduce the entire geological history of a place.

    Geology is one of the most entertainig works, I think.

  2. wuau If that inspires you! XD

    nice photos!