Sunday, May 16, 2010

Field trip to Pichilemu..


Well, the purpose of going to there it was get data with respect to theme elected. In my case “The Pichilemu’s identity” so we decided to do surveys and interviews to capture the perspective of people in front of this issue. Our study area included interior villages that also belong to the Pichilemu’s commune, such as Los Ciruelos y Pañul. The most interesting part of the field trip for me occurred in Pañul, when we had to interview a local woman, who was a clay-artisan. She showed us her workshop and explained the process for make her art. In that moment I felt that we was a chapter of “Tierra Adentro” ajjaja.. I loved that experience!
I learnt that the identity is closely linked with territoriality, that while the administration-political limits try to join the relatively homogeneous areas, within these areas there are differences, so any policy to implement should take into account one crucial factor: SCALE!!
I believe that Pichilemu is a wonderful coastal town, but I wouldn't like to live there.. nor in the interior locations.


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Vivi's Blog..

She’s Vivi and I'm going to talk about her blog..
Well, the design and color of viviana's blog are pleasant to view, and with title I imagine the texture that it should have if i touch it. Her blog doesn't have many posts, but for me it's very nice, the most of the atoms have picture or video.
The atom that struck me was “her free time” where she talk about how enjoys sleep and EMBROIDER :O!! (Vivi.. i never would have thought it!!)
About music..
Apparently our tastes are quite different in regard to music, because I don’t like “Depeche mode”, however, I liked phrase that she rescued from her favorite song, that says this: “Before you come to any conclusions, try walking in my shoes..”
I believe that, we share the love of music.. I infer it for her favourite piece of technology, that’s mp3 like me.

How could you forget to Conyyy, (during the earthquake)!??? =P!! and Polo, you saved it??!!

See you tomorrow in the beach!!!! :)


Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Vîcky Teacherrrrrrrr!!! xD

Hi, when happened the earthquake I was slept on my bead(Sp)
with my husband and my little daughter Sofi, I was first to
waked up (WF). We ware (Sp) to the front door of the house, with my
daughter on my arms. I felt to (WW) earthquake was eternally
but my husband didn’t felt the time (WF). He is Spanish an (Sp) is
very stranger to (WW) happened earthquake there. When finished
that we remembered what missing (WF)our daughter Constanza,
she was in her bedroom. I didn’t liked was(WF) a noise of alarm
of the cars, that was very irritating (WW). We didn`t (V) lantern and
we had to light (V) whit (Sp) candle. My husband could called by
phone to talked (WF) with his parents. In the morning we saw
our kitchen (P) we didn’t has (WW) any glass or dishes. Fortunately
we had all the basic services including the internet and paid
television. We live in an apartment on the 10th floor, and (V)
felt very strong the earthquake.

Sorry Vivi!!!!!!!!! =(