Monday, June 7, 2010

Saint Piter!! and around..

I think in these last four years my holidays have been very good, I really don't complain, since that I have met many beautiful places and nice people too. Therefore it's difficult to me choose just one, but well.. I selected from my memory the unforgettable and magical summer of the big north.

It was about two years ago when my sister, her boyfriend, a friend and I went to the San Pedro de Atacama, located in Antofagasta's second region.

That summer I had not worked on anything, so my budget was $25.000. Then I started making rings with my sister and the amount rose to 40,000. As it was not much, I decided to borrow from the Dadbank (never fails)jajaja!! =P

It was then that, with only $100,000 i survived two weeks and i took tours in San Pedro to the geysers, lagoons altiplanicas, the Salar de Atacama (the third largest in the world, I think) the valley of the moon and elsewhere more near.

I enjoyed it too much, was a truly rewarding experience.. In summary I witnessed the amazing landscapes our country has and I realized that we're privileged.

If you do not know these places, I recommend them!



  1. Hi mongùis, I liked you photos, it is very lovely!!!


    See you in class tomorrow!

  2. Your pictures are very beautiful!!! ^^

  3. Hi Vikikitoria, goods holidays.

    Is true, the north has great places but this are few and isolated. I think that the north is for go to one place in special but not travel it... I would like to meet the landscapes that you show in the pictures but first meet all the south. ;D...

    I do you one question, do you preffer the south or the north of Chile?

    Good bye