Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Perfect Day???

In this computer, I couldn't listen to the song of Simon, in my home i will try it..

Well, according to the theme.. my perfect day should be without classes!!! (obviously) and it shouldn’t happen in only one place, because it would be so boring, I would like to spend my beautiful twenty-four hours of a fun way. For obtain it, I need much money and that everybody be available (without their jobs, nor any concern)

I would like begin my day on a waterfall (in Cascada) for I take a bath under it and swim in its lagoon, with all my friends of school. Then, I would like take a plane, where we can have a Mediterranean breakfast and that it leave us at natural monument Morado for make trekking to San Francisco glacier, because here is where my friends of the university will be waiting us.

And finally we again take a plane with destination to the beach (any north-beach) and everyone will have lunch on the plane. When we arrive, a party will be waiting for us. The invited bands will be: Chorizo Salvaje, Banda Conmoción, Chico Trujillo, Villa Cariño, Patricio Cobarde among others.. (they will be responsible for the pachanga)

But, all it’s so unreal.. this is more like to “What would you do with sum X of money in one day?” that.. "A perfect day" and really I believe that in this aspect, I'm not very exigent, I’ll just beg be with my parents and friends, but without any fights between they, without Transantiago nor metro, without obligations.. cause' i'm tired of everything :(!! [this would be a perfect day for me right now]


  1. encourage!!
    a short while for have holidays

  2. ...and i could sing for you...jajajjaa

  3. XDDD!!! Wajajajajja .. U know 1313!!!

  4. Don't worry. Summer's just around the corner!

  5. Vagris, your perfect day is very entertaining ;), i agree with you in the sentence "my perfect day should be without casses", ajjajaja...

  6. Perfect day, some, should not depend upon money. Be perfect, should include it free ..: P

    Kisses my friend temporary