Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Orange Blue!

When I read or hear the word “shopping”, I inevitably think in malls, it’s almost an unconscious association. I don’t like the malls and neither I’m a good shopper.

In fact, most of the times I’ve bought things, is because I like to walk around town exploring its nooks.. is there where I find interesting things, but many times I have no money to buy them, and when I have money do not find what I want jajajaja!

But anyway, I’ve a favourite shop, it calls “Orange Blue” and sells second-hand clothes, although I wander for all over Bandera street, as since it is full of such shops. I like go to it because the kinds of clothes are very different and exclusive.

The first time that I went to Orange Blue was with my sister about 6 years ago. She recommended it to me and since that day I loved it. However, I don’t go very often, rather, I go from time to time. I remember that the last thing that I bought was a vest really beautiful, all my taste, (it’s orange, is made of wool.. certainly, you have seen him before, in fact I'm wearing it in the photo with "Wapita") I have many things of that shop..

I believe that I love it, because the clothes are unique as well as size so, you will not find to nobody wearing your same shirt, pants or whatever and also you can create your own style.

What do you think about this kind of clothes? (besides that you must wash it at least three times) =P!

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