Tuesday, September 21, 2010


I remember that when I was a child we celebrate Fiestas Patrias with all kin in my home. It was a big party, almost as new year, because my mother was worrying about every detail, since food until clothing and the interesting thing for me was just the latest.. What I would wear that day? A beautiful dress, socks with “blondas” and obviously patent leather shoes.. the bad was that I never could choose the dress but that “18” on 1996 I did it, and remember that I gave round and round, cause I loved to see my dress so, since i imagined that was a flower.. jajaja!!

Also that time, I raised a small kite, better known as: “ñecla" and danced “trastrasera” because was the dance that I had been taught at school. My sister taught me to make ornaments, and we competed for doing the longest garland.

Well, about the changes that I have of my view of “Fiestas Patrias” I can tell that when I was child I didn’t know what was it, my parents told me: “It’s birthday of the country, so we have to celebrate!!” Years later I learned meant it, although I had trouble understanding why 18/11/1810 and not 12/02/1818 but now I understood that as the world ends on 2012 we had to hurry.. :P!!

I should accept that this year has been the most I have reflected our independence, because I believe we have regressed in part, globalization, transnationals, permissive public policies as well as legal voids have allowed so.

I looked the picture of my dress and could not find it.. =(!


  1. Hi Vicky!

    I really want to see this dress!!! jajaja =)

    See you at Fau!

  2. Hey visstorryyyy,,,you need tech me trastracera xD

    I love youuu