Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Play the game..

When I was a child, remember that I went out to play with my friends every afternoon. In front of my house there is a scenery that has U-shaped made up for the houses of my friends. My grandmother lives there too, so we had all that space to play in a safe way.

The games on my childhood weren’t as games currently. I belong to a generation a bit more classic or rather, I lived in a transition time (regarding to technology) I say it because not everyone had playstation nor computer, so the games should be played outside. These could be the typical games or also invented games in the moment, that to be accepted they should meet two requirements: be pretty fun and tiring at the same time.

Well, my neighborhood’s friends and I didn’t repeat the same games at one afternoon, since we had a lot of entertaining games such as: “quemaditas”, “pillarse”, “las naciones”, “tombo” among others. We always rotated them.

At that time, my favourite game was “escondida”. This game is about that someone should count to 10 with eyes closed for that the rest of the players are hide and then goes to find them. If someone can reach the base without getting caught, she/he wins.

We played at least four times a week. I loved play “escondida” because I was very good climbing trees (this was my best hiding place) and I was very fast too, which made me gain followed.

I don’t remember who taught me this game but nowadays, I just know that I couldn’t win as easily as before.


  1. I also played this games, were more entertaining.
    See you

  2. Hi wapi!!

    Your picture is so pretty! i love it =)

    Love you (K)

  3. Yes! I think the same, your picture is very beautiful!