Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Hi classmates!
How time has passed?!! I think that everybody have forgotten our Blog-password.. jajaja!! but here we go again, write about some theme :)!

Well, there are many things that i would like to do, (such as: travel around the world, jump of a plane, diving, etc.) but the most things demand a big sum money, this is the problem..

Even so, there is one thing that I would like: SURF!! ..because when i always see photos or videos where one surfer glides on a amazing wave, i think that this should be so exciting!! i know.. they are just some seconds, but those seconds (thanks to the relativity theory) in fact are hours..

I believe that the surf should be very difficult, since you need to have a good equilibrium, you must know how to swim, (front to a possible fall) also should dominate techniques to keep you on the table and a lot of courageee!!

In the mallsport there is "The Big Wave".. In this place simulated a wave that has different intensities, as beginners as expert. The class aren't so expensive.. but i would learnt in the sea, because the waves are always differents.. they aren't regulated for a button =P!

I don't know why strange reason but, i believe that i could be a good surfer.. i love the sea so much, and that is very important! Everything else is practice :) (and money for the class and equipment :S!!)
So, i will hope a surf class as gift for my birthday jajajaj!!

Would you like to surf??!
See you!


  1. Good activity! if would have the opportunity, I would like to learn but I think is very difficult

    See you tomorrow

  2. hii vikiiiiii!! your blog it so cute ! i dosent now how i can make a nwe background!! the your its very beautifull

  3. Hi Victory!,
    Sea girl..jajajja. this activity is cool but I'd be afraid to try it.

    see you temporera