Thursday, April 8, 2010


Something like "An Inconvenient Truth" is what happens to us now..
I sometimes think that while we're using technological devices there are coltan microparticles that adhere to our bodies without us noticing, they causing.. Technological Dependence!!! and is suspiciously contagious, do you not believe it? Ok ok!! This is not so.. the real explanation everybody know it... c-o-m-f-o-r-t!!

..worse, is that I'm part of it!

I can't live without my mp4!! The life should have music in every moment.. I love walk under the rain listening to music, when i ride a bike too, when I go around with my friends, when i laugh, when I cry... always!!

I remember that my parents gave it to me for my birthday, and the first time I used it I was happy! ajjajaj ..because it's very portable, very small.. Not like the “Walkman” that I had before with its pesky CDs.

When the battery runs out of my mp4, the time it takes me to go to university and back to my home is less happy, less dramatic.. The music always gives a plus to the situations that I live..

Mp4 is great!!


  1. Without MP3's, every trip on bus or metro will be very boring...

  2. I think the same thing andres!!!!

    Without music life would be meaningless!

    See you Vagris!

  3. You Without music would die...Really!!!!0.0

    The life would bored and sad without music and the mp3 is the solutions!!!=)

    See you "temporera"


  4. Mauro.. i can't post you!.. Your blog is wrong :S!
    Hey!.. but, I listened to radio on February 27 through my mp3 1313! jajaaj..


  5. Hii Vicky !
    ajjajajaja you made me laugh with your post !

    yeaahh see you in class of middle earth's map.. so exciting ! jaja

    Kisses ! GoodBye

  6. this is true...
    I have a MP4 but only use it to listen music.

    Is nice to listen music on the micro or metro

  7. Yes yes yes!!!! the music!!!

    I Choose that object to, I don´t know if it´s the same, but it made for the same reason.... THE MUSIC!! yes, it´s one of the best things of tecnology.... you can be with music all the time.

  8. Vicky!
    You chose a good piece of technology jjajaja
    Our travels by metro would be horrific without mp3 !