Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Villa Cariñ♥ !!!!!!

How is everybody!!?
Today i’m going to talk about a concert that i went.. I believe that it was about three or four weeks ago?? Well, the issu is that i went to Victor Jara galpon to listen to Villa Cariño, they had promised sing ALL their hits!!

In this year i have been in a lot of concert, where Villa Cariño has played.. They play cumbia romanza-personal, (before.. they played Andean music) their style is very funny and original for me, and I must confess that I’m madly in love with vocalist!!!

The last time that i saw them, it was the same week that we back to Santiago, then of my hollidays in Viña with my friends (where certainly it was so entertaining!). I remember that i had troubles with my father for go out that occasion.. but later, we could go out to our longed show.. (i say “we” because Estefa would stay in my home this night.. in fact, she convinced me to go out).

We arrived to Galpon at 11pm but, the concert was to begin at 1:00 am.. so, we went to eat potato chips to spend time. Near midnight, we met some Estefa's friends, who were very nice. We talk about everything, and then we back to galpon at about at 1 am.

I really enjoyed it!! Because the group that played before Villa Cariño was so good too.. it called Banda Jibarito.. they had cuban music influences and “pachanga”. For this reason I think that was a whole concert!!

I give you the link of the group so you can listen to some songs from new album..


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Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Hi classmates!
How time has passed?!! I think that everybody have forgotten our Blog-password.. jajaja!! but here we go again, write about some theme :)!

Well, there are many things that i would like to do, (such as: travel around the world, jump of a plane, diving, etc.) but the most things demand a big sum money, this is the problem..

Even so, there is one thing that I would like: SURF!! ..because when i always see photos or videos where one surfer glides on a amazing wave, i think that this should be so exciting!! i know.. they are just some seconds, but those seconds (thanks to the relativity theory) in fact are hours..

I believe that the surf should be very difficult, since you need to have a good equilibrium, you must know how to swim, (front to a possible fall) also should dominate techniques to keep you on the table and a lot of courageee!!

In the mallsport there is "The Big Wave".. In this place simulated a wave that has different intensities, as beginners as expert. The class aren't so expensive.. but i would learnt in the sea, because the waves are always differents.. they aren't regulated for a button =P!

I don't know why strange reason but, i believe that i could be a good surfer.. i love the sea so much, and that is very important! Everything else is practice :) (and money for the class and equipment :S!!)
So, i will hope a surf class as gift for my birthday jajajaj!!

Would you like to surf??!
See you!