Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Everybody's fine!


This isn't the best movie i've seen, but it left me thinking a lot of things..
The movie is about of a widower Frank (Robert de Niro) who tired of invite to his sons to home (and that they reject invitation him) decides to catch a plane and make them a visit surprise. To find them, he confirms their suspicions: the things they are not as well as he wanted to believe.

I saw it with my parents about two weeks ago.. I remember that after the movie ended my parents looked at me like, "Don't tell me that you don't like geography," my mother told me: "I always wanted that you were a dentist" and my dad told me: "Do you have ever felt under pressure for us?" ..yes, my parents reflect in this sence.

I think the problem is very real, I like that. I believe the film reflects how we are embedded in the "system of appearances" leaving aside the transcendental, that is be happy.. no matter the job, we can’t always be what our parents want that us to be.. because maybe we stop being who we are.

What do you think about it?


Saturday, April 17, 2010


Well, my experience in the earthquake is null..
Happens that in this summer some friends and i went to the Elqui's valley for a few days and then we would go to others nearby places.. so that, on February 26 we travel to La Serena, for can take a bus that would leave us in Punta Choros, but we arrived too late.. so, we stayed at La Serena this night.
We were so tired that then of dinner, some went to sleep (including me) and others were drinking rum. I was in my fifth dream when Seba and Karina shouted us: is "shaking"! .. I got up but, it had ended.. for me it was almost imperceptible, but later the light went out!
At 6 am (approx) the Chora's mom called and said her that it had been an earthquake so strong in Santiago.. So we called our homes.. thank God, everyone was fine.
In my opinion, Chile wasn't prepared for a disaster of this size.. the manage was so bad, there were many faults in communication and information.. but, the chileans responded in a way that i never imagined.. solidarity, filled the hearts of who were well, to help those who not.

Thursday, April 8, 2010


Something like "An Inconvenient Truth" is what happens to us now..
I sometimes think that while we're using technological devices there are coltan microparticles that adhere to our bodies without us noticing, they causing.. Technological Dependence!!! and is suspiciously contagious, do you not believe it? Ok ok!! This is not so.. the real explanation everybody know it... c-o-m-f-o-r-t!!

..worse, is that I'm part of it!

I can't live without my mp4!! The life should have music in every moment.. I love walk under the rain listening to music, when i ride a bike too, when I go around with my friends, when i laugh, when I cry... always!!

I remember that my parents gave it to me for my birthday, and the first time I used it I was happy! ajjajaj ..because it's very portable, very small.. Not like the “Walkman” that I had before with its pesky CDs.

When the battery runs out of my mp4, the time it takes me to go to university and back to my home is less happy, less dramatic.. The music always gives a plus to the situations that I live..

Mp4 is great!!